Age:  6 weeks - 15 months old

Teacher:Child Ratio = 1 : 4

We provide a warm and loving environment  to make your child feel secure. Teachers work to help children reach appropriate developmental milestones.


Age:  3 years old

Teacher: Child Ratio = 1 : 9

In this class the children are more socially interactive. Shapes, colors and numbers are reinforced and children learn about the calendar, weather and letters. Children learn in group time and in activity centers while becoming more self sufficient.


Age:  12 months - 30 months

Teacher:Child Ratio= 1 : 6

At this stage our primary approach to learning is through purposeful, meaningful play that includes interacting and sharing. We work on developing fine motor skills, vocabulary, and object/word recognition.  


Age:  3 -5 years old

Teacher:Child Ratio = 1 : 13

Our Pre-K classroom helps your child learn and grow in a group environment; Learning about colors, shapes, numbers, upper and lower case letters, and Kindergarten sight words. Interactive activities allow the children learn to use their imagination. Listening skills and manners are reinforced. We are preparing your child for Kindergarten.


Age:  2 years old

Teacher: Child Ratio = 1 : 7

We read often in an interactive way, asking questions that relate to the story being read and what they think is happening. Skills include vocabulary building, colors, shapes, and numbers, as well as potty training. The classroom has centers for learning activities. 

Chapel Time

Age:  3 -5 years old

Teacher:Child Ratio = 1 : 13

Each week children enjoy chapel time with Pastor Keith. He tells Bible stories that reinforce the basics about the Lord and His love for them. Pastor and the children love to  sing a lot of Bible songs, too. The children come away knowing that Jesus is their Savior who loves them dearly.

Chapel Time occurs on alternating Thursdays & Fridays.

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